Starting on the Highlights

I have gotten pretty far behind on posting the progress of this painting. It seems to be hard to keep up with the uploading the pictures from my camera to the site. I will try to include the dates and times worked in the future.

This picture was taken on November 1, 2008. Here I am working on filling in the highlights. I am adding warm tones of Cadmium yellow to magenta and white. I am using a very limited palette on this painting which includes: Prussian blue, magenta,  (These comprise the purples) Cadmium yellow medium and Zink yellow. White and carmine red create the pinks. The magenta and Zink yellow make the most wonderful oranges. That is all the colors that I use. The complementary colors are used to tone down the intensity.

Adding the Highlights

Adding the Highlights


~ by Anni Adkins on March 6, 2009.

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