Sketching the Picture on the Canvas

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Getting the image on the canvas.

This is the first thing I do on a painting. Divide the picture in half in both directions and draw a cross here. Just keep dividing until you have as many sections as you feel that you need. 

Next I added the grid to the canvas matching the grid on the picture. I numbered the sections because the lines of the shadows quickly became confusing. I use an automatic pencil with a light lead.  A long ruler and measuring tape is helpful.

The canvas with the grid and picture.

First image with the grd.

First image with the grd.

 Sketching on the image is the next step.

Sketching this was very confusing because the shadows from top to bottom was much more extreme then appeared. One of the biggest reasons for doing a grid is for the lines to start ad stop where they actually are and not where you think they are.

Sketch 1

Sketch 1

 Close up of the left top corner. 

Sketch 2

Sketch Left, Top Corner


Mission St. Francis Assissi Painting – The Beginning

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I thought it would be interesting to watch a painting as it develops. I have always thought the process was far more fascinating then the final product.  The first image is the photo that I took of the mission. The time of day was around 2:00 p.m. and the sun was high. Joe and I had been there and photographed the same church in the winter of 1994. The shadows on the wall then were from a row of trees across from it. Now there are some small shops there but no trees.  I was a little disturbed by this at first but soon was enjoying the strong stripes from the beams protruding from the wall.

My original photo with the grids drawn on and taped to the canvas.

Mission St Francis Assissi Original Photo

Mission St Francis Assissi Original Photo

Art in the Making!

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Welcome to my blog.  I thought it would be interesting to follow the artist process as paintings are created. I will take as many picture as often as I can so that you can see the progress and add my comments where I think they may be enlightening. Please feel fee to comment or let me know if any of this is interesting or helpful. If you would like to see my body of work or learn more about me, please visit my website at: